Management Team

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                               Mark Engel
               Previously founded 5 successful
                     life sciences companies

HumanHealth Division

                              Chris Huang 
             MD, Over 30 years of experience in
 bio-pharmaceutical, health care and R&D industry

                             Dr. Nancy Tawil 
                    VP, HumanHealth Research
             Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering and
                          lysin/phage expert

                        Dr. Iness Hammami
                          Laboratory Director
       Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. 10 years of
      experience in biopharmaceutical engineering
                                  Sandy Li
                            Quality Manager
             M.S. in Chemistry. Experienced in drug
              production following GMP guidelines

AgriHealth Division

                              Tyler Homer
                           COO - OmniLytics
      MBA.  Experienced in regulatory, production
              and operations for phage products

                        Dr. Ryan Bringhurst
                      VP, Agricultural Research
          Ph.D in Microbiology. 7 years developing
         phage products, with focus on food safety
            and treatment of agricultural diseases

                              Kelley Burtch
             Director of Operations - OmniLytics
        Over 7 years of research and production
                 experience on phage products

                              Ryan Benson
                     Sales Manager - OmniLytics
           Extensive experience in agricultural sales

                              Dr. Cong Yu
                       Nanjing Lab Manager
         Ph.D in Agronomy. Strong expertise in
         horticultural science and plant nutrition
                              Dr. Xu Xuling
                           Projects Manager
      Ph.D in Molecular biology. 4 years experience
          in managing phage product development