Management Team

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                               Mark Engel

                Previously founded 5 successful
                      life sciences companies
                               Chris Huang 
             MD, Over 30 years of experience in
  bio-pharmaceutical, health care and R&D industry

                            Dr. Nancy Tawil 
                    VP, HumanHealth Research

              Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering and
                          lysin/phage expert.
                         Dr. Iness Hammami
           Montreal Lab Manager - HumanHealth

         Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. 10 years of
        experience in biopharmaceutical engineering

                                 Sandy Li
                 Quality Manager - HumanHealth

               Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering and
                           lysin/phage expert.
                               Tyler Homer
                      Director of Operations and
                   Regulatory Affairs - AgriHealth

        MBA.  Experienced in regulatory, production
                and operations for phage products  

                       Dr. Ryan Bringhurst
                     VP, Agricultural Research

          Ph.D in Microbiology. 7 years developing
         phage products, with focus on food safety
            and treatment of agricultural diseases

                               Kelley Burtch
                Senior Researcher & Production
                        Manager - AgriHealth

           Over 7 years of research and production
                    experience on phage products
                              Dr. Cong Yu
             Nanjing Lab Manager - AgriHealth

          Ph.D in Agronomy. Strong expertise in
         horticultural science and plant nutrition
                              Dr. Xu Xuling
                 Projects Manager - AgriHealth

      Ph.D in Molecular biology. 4 years experience
          in managing phage product development